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My Comment on “Tackling Accessibility on The Web”

Here is my comment on the blog Tackling Accessibility on The Web by @Treehouse.

An OK article, but a few of the techniques are incorrect/outdated. The data table caption is for a *title*, not a description. Never use tabindex (except 0 and -1 for keyboard focus with JavaScript interaction). Title attributes on links (and in general) is no longer recommended; screen readers usually don’t read them, browsers don’t support them for keyboard users, and it’s not supported (hardly) on mobile. Most implementations just have redundant information anyway. Also note that ARIA landmark roles are a good place to start learning ARIA, but there is much, much more to learn.

Another comment also states that the title attribute on links is not a great practice and provides a couple great links. Also note that the title attribute is still a must for an iFrame to describe its content.

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The Title Attribute

Dennis and Ross discuss the powerful “title” attribute including how it works, the benefits to accessibility, title vs. alt, SEO, and other cool uses.

Download Web Axe Episode 30 (The Title Attribute)

[Transcript of Web Axe 30]


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Page Titles for Accessibility (and SEO, usability)

Why the Title tag is so important for Accessibility as well as SEO and usability.

  • screenreader/text browsers
  • visual anchor
  • bookmarking
  • printing
  • SEO
  • search results
  • tip: use character encoding for special chars
  • tip: use “>” or “:” to separate sections

Download Web Axe Episode 21 (Title Tag)


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