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Fun Web Accessibility Videos

Follow Harold in his quest to make an accessible website for his company Jiffy Brothers! This is an entertaining two-part video series about a fictional company and its website. It’s produced by The Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) of Ontario, Canada. Watch out for Boris!

Part 1 “Auditing Your Website for Accessibility”

Part 2 “Developing an Accessible Website”

You can find more information and videos from HRPA on the HRPA YouTube channel.

Fixing Alt – How much caffeine?

It’s been a while since we’ve added to our “Fixing Alt” series which provides alternative text missing from infographics. So I thought a recently published infographic, How much caffeine is actually in your coffee, would be perfect. The image tells how many milligrams are in a cup of coffee from a variety of brands/stores. The alternative text provided on the blog is the same as the title of the blog; the actual content in the image is missing; it’s not accessible.

caffeine infographic

This is a fun topic but also important as we coffee drinkers, sighted or not, should be aware of the figures (assuming they’re accurate). So below is the information in the image and what should be content on the original page or referenced with the longdesc attribute.

Caffeine infographic; 9 kinds of coffee, each with a coffee mug that displays an amount of coffee relative to the level of caffeine. Each amount below is in milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce.

  1. McDonald’s: 9.1
  2. Seattle’s Best: 10.4
  3. Biggby Coffee: 12.5
  4. Dunkin’ Donuts: 12.7
  5. Dutch Bros. Coffee: 12.8
  6. Caribou Coffee: 15
  7. Peet’s: 16.7
  8. Starbucks: 20.6
  9. Deathwish coffee: 54.2

Fixing Alt – Facebook Like Button Explained

The next in our “Fixing Alt” series is the Facebook Like button explained posted on MakeUseOf a while back. It’s a short but sweet comedic image, but again, with no alternative text provided. So here it is.

Facebook Like button, equals: I’ve read it, but I’m too lazy to comment!

PS: There are so many other things wrong with the MakeUseOf web page. But since my New Year’s resolution is not to be as critical, I won’t go into it.

Fixing Alt – MacGuyver Coffeemaker

No coffeemaker and need coffee?! So you search the web and find an article about brewing coffee MacGuyver-style, but can’t access the large image which contains the vital points. Lifehacker’s article Brew an Emergency Cup of Coffee with Two Paper Cups and a Filter is practical and fun, but the image containing the crucial steps is missing alternative text. So to save my fellow coffee fans in a time of crisis, here’s the alt text:

  1. Acquire 2 paper cups, 1 filter, boiling water, a cutting instrument.
  2. Cut one cup towards the top so that it creates a ring at least 2 inches tall. Place the filter over the other uncut cup.
  3. Slide ring down over the filter, which is sitting on the uncut cup. Push down until small amount of filter is visible on all sides.
  4. Place desired/available coffee grounds in the cup over filter.
  5. Begin slowly filling open portion with near boiling water. Do not over fill and occasionally stir.
  6. Brewing may take anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes including set up and brew. However, it’s a hell of a lot better than having no coffee at all.
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