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Easy Chirp 2 soft beta launched!

Web Axe author Dennis Lembree has announced the soft release of Easy Chirp 2 beta! Easy Chirp, originally named Accessible Twitter, is a web-based Twitter application which is developed to be easy to use, robust (even works without JavaScript), and of course accessible. The service was down for a few months during a complete re-build mostly due to the closure of Twitter’s original API.

The soft launch is on the dot org domain; the service will be available on the dot com domain during the official release. Currently on the dot com domain, you can sign up for an announcement when the official launch occurs.

For more information, check out this blog about the Easy Chirp 2 beta by Laura Legendary (@Accessible_Info) on her Accessible Insights blog.

You can follow Easy Chirp on Twitter at @EasyChirp.

EasyChirp2 logo beta

Companies’ Accessibility Twitter Accounts and More

Here are some large companies’ accessibility Twitter accounts, and other important related links. Follow for great information. Most of the descriptions are taken from the Twitter bio.

  • @PayPalinclusive - An official feed from the PayPal Accessibility Team and related initiatives. For account-related issues, contact @AskPayPal. San Jose, California.
  • @IBMaccess - Official IBM Accessibility Twitter account. Managed by @timjpowers & @Mac690 and follows the IBM Social Computing Guidelines. San Jose, CA ·
  • @GoogleAccess - The official Twitter account for Google’s accessibility team. California, USA ·
  • @FBaccess - The official Twitter account for the Facebook accessibility team. Please report specific accessibility issues at the Facebook accessibility help center.
  • @NokiaAccess - Making mobile devices accessible for all. Dallas, Texas ·
  • @w3c_wai – not really a “company” but the owner of WCAG. Nuff said.
  • @STCaccess – [Society for Technical Communication] Tweets from the SIG (Karen and Cyn) about accessibility issues for technical communicators, spiced with dashes of usability and other goodies.
  • @BBCOuch - blog and radio talk show on the BBC with a focus on disabled people and diverse stories. London ·
  • @YahooAccess – closed, very sad. Hopefully will come back one day. Also, the Yahoo accessibility blog appears to be no longer maintained.

And of course, follow me on Twitter at @WebAxe and also on my Facebook.


Make a Pledge for Easy Chirp 2

As you may know, Easy Chirp is a web-based Twitter client which makes the social media service accessible to all. This includes users with a disability (such as visual impairments and motor impairments), Twitter newbies, older users, low bandwidth, and non-JavaScript browsers.

Like all 3rd party Twitter apps, Easy Chirp gets its data from the Twitter API. Easy Chirp uses API version 1.0 which is being shut down in one month. It must be re-built with version 1.1.

The author of Easy Chirp (who is also the author of Web Axe) created a Kickstarter campaign to acquire minimal funds to rebuild the app with the help of a couple of other developers. At the time of writing, the goal is a little over half-way. Please consider making a pledge on the Easy Chirp 2 Kickstarter and help maintain “an inclusive Twittersphere”. If you’re unable to pledge, please forward this message to those who may be interested.

If the goal of the campaign is not met, there’s a good chance that Easy Chirp will not be updated and Twitter will not be available to those who need it.

Easy Chirp Kickstarter

Podcast #92: Frustrated

Dennis vents about frustrations around web accessibility and revisit the “game plan”. He and Ross also discuss some great recent articles and review several upcoming web accessibility events.

Download Web Axe Episode 92 (Frustrated)

[Transcript of podcast 92]

Sponsor: Help make a difference and join Project:Possibility: a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating open source software that benefits persons with disabilities. Our SS12 Code for a Cause competition is an opportunity for students to learn about accessibility and make a difference by developing innovative projects for persons with disabilities, as well as the chance to work with industry professionals.

Goings On

Ross’ book update.

California court rules for JetBlue:

Old Twitter gone for good; New Twitter not accessible.

  • The official word about the final rollout of New Twitter.
  • Forced to use New Twitter & unable to use it? Try the robust and web-accessible Easy Chirp (@EasyChirp). On iPhone, try TweetList.


Unfortunately, after 20 years since the World Wide Web opened to the public, I’d have to say that accessibility is worse than ever.

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Web Camp/Unconference Reminders

Accessibility Camp Montreal
Friday, August 26, 2011
Montreal, Canada
Twitter: @A11yMTL

Boston Accessibility Unconference
Saturday, September 17, 10am to 5pm EST
Twitter: @a11ybos

Accessibility Camp Toronto
Saturday, September 24
Toronto, Canada (OCAD University)
Twitter: @A11yCampTO Email: a11ycampto at gmail dot com

Web Accessibility London Unconference
Wednesday, 21 September 2011, 10am to 4pm
London, UK (City University London)

Accessibility Camp DC
Saturday, October 22
MLK Library in Washington, DC
Twitter: @AccessCampDC