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Podcast #52: REL Attribute

Dennis and Ross discuss several announcements and news items, then go into detail on how, why and when the REL attribute is used and its use for web accessibility.

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Uses of the REL attribute:

  • Stylesheets linking
  • RSS feed linking
  • Browser-Based Navigation (next, prev, content, index, etc)
  • Handle for Unobtrusive Javascript
  • Nofollow to disallow robot “clickthrus”
  • Shortcut icon
  • More!


News & Announcements:

Tab Index – why and why not

WCAG Guidelines 9.4 (Priority 3) says to create a logical tab order through links, form controls, and objects. The “tabindex” attribute is great because it does exactly that — it specifies the position of the current element in the tabbing order for the current document. But are they needed?

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The basic code: