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Accessibility Jobs, April 2015 (all in California!)

Wow, many technical accessibility jobs open in Silicon Valley in Northern California!

Thanks @a11yJobs and @a11yBay

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Sufficient Color Contrast

On the blog Bite Size Standards, a post by Ann McMeekin Colour with Contrast discusses color and accessibility, and also provides some excellent links to tools and references.

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Podcast: #41: The Definition of Web Accessibility

Dennis and guest Joe Dolson discuss the definition of Web Accessibility including the W3C definition and WCAG 2.0, universal access, balance of effort, a principal?

Download Web Axe Episode 41 (Definition of Web Accessibility)


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Podcast #40: About CAPTCHA and Accessibility

Dennis and Ross discuss different methods of implementing CAPTCHA on the web and how to make it accessible.

Download Web Axe Episode 40 (About CAPTCHA and Accessibility)

CAPTCHA Services



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Practical, Entry-Level Web Accessibility

Practical, Entry-Level Web Accessibility from Mike Cherim at Beast-Blog is a good article on the basics of web accessibility. Topics include:

  • Proper Element Use
  • Laying Out Your Page
  • Apply Links the Right Way
  • Alt and Title Attributes
  • Content Visibility

Comments are now closed to Mike’s post, but I just barely got in my comments.