About Web Axe

Web Axe is a blog about web accessibility. It was founded in September of 2005, and originally started as a podcast. Web Axe was nominated for “Podcast of the Year” in .net magazine’s 2008, 2009 and 2010 Best of the Web awards, but is not podcasting any longer.

Dennis Lembree is the founder and author of Web Axe. Dennis also is the founder of Easy Chirp, an award-winning web-accessible Twitter app (which is no longer updated). His freelance company is Web Overhauls, which specializes in web usability, standards, and accessibility. You can follow Dennis on Mastodon at

The podcast co-host was Ross Johnson who runs a web design company 3.7 Designs that takes a wholistic view on the web and art of constructing pages. They strive to be creative and unique.

The Web Axe website originally used Blogger and is now based in WordPress. It uses the WordPress Twenty Twenty theme (as of January 2021) but for many years used a customized version of the Blaskan theme.

The Web Axe email address is: info at web axe dot org

Besides this blog (and RSS feed), you can follow Web Axe on Facebook, Twitter (no longer active), and Mastodon at

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