CSUN12 Quick Review

Another CSUN conference has come and gone and this year was better than ever. I met many great people for the first time including Joe Dolson, who’s been on the Web Axe podcast a couple times in the past. The conference included much discussion on Google and accessibility, the announcement of WAVE5 beta by WebAIM, and the Tweetup was a bash! Special thanks to Adobe, Deque, and Accessible Media for being such great hosts. On Saturday morning, I attended the SS12 finals in which @Jennison was one of three judges (I judged last year). Be sure to check out the Great Big List by @mactoph which includes many links to presentations, round-ups, podcasts, and more. Also, here’s my Flickr CSUN12 photo album. -Dennis

Joe, Jennison, Dennis, and John sitting at table for lunch.
Photo: Joe, Jennison, Dennis, and John at lunch. Credit: Angela Hooker.

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