Companies’ Accessibility Twitter Accounts and More

Here are some large companies’ accessibility Twitter accounts, and other important related links. Follow for great information. Most of the descriptions are taken from the Twitter bio.

  • @PayPalinclusive – An official feed from the PayPal Accessibility Team and related initiatives. For account-related issues, contact @AskPayPal. San Jose, California. No longer active.
  • @msftEnable by Microsoft. Great info and resources at Microsoft accessibility.
  • @IBMaccess – Official IBM Accessibility Twitter account. Managed by @timjpowers & @Mac690 and follows the IBM Social Computing Guidelines. San Jose, CA ·
  • @GoogleAccess – The official Twitter account for Google’s accessibility team. California, USA ·
  • @FBaccess – The official Twitter account for the Facebook accessibility team. Please report specific accessibility issues at the Facebook accessibility help center.
  • @NokiaAccess – Making mobile devices accessible for all. Dallas, Texas ·
  • @w3c_wai – not really a “company” but the owner of WCAG. Nuff said.
  • @STCaccess – [Society for Technical Communication] Tweets from the SIG (Karen and Cyn) about accessibility issues for technical communicators, spiced with dashes of usability and other goodies.
  • @BBCOuch – blog and radio talk show on the BBC with a focus on disabled people and diverse stories. London ·
  • @YahooAccess – closed, very sad. Hopefully will come back one day. Also, the Yahoo accessibility blog appears to be no longer maintained.

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