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Podcast #67: WCAG2, events, CS4, John Slatin

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News & Events

WCAG 2.0 nearing completion

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 was published as a W3C Proposed Recommendation on 3 November 2008. This means that the technical material of WCAG 2.0 is complete and it has been implemented in real sites. The next stage is the final publication, which is expected in December 2008.

Podcasts from Accessibility Conference last spring

CS4 Accessibility

John Slatin Fund Project

Matches accessibility experts with companies wanting a brief accessibility audit of their websites. In return for the audit, site owners will contribute a minimum of $500 to help fund the medical expenses incurred by John’s family during his long illness.”

Revisiting Screen Resolution

"assistive technology" screen video

Video–Introduction to Screen Magnifiers

Here’s a video on Yahoo!’s YUI Blog that gives a good example of how screen magnifier tools are used. Karo Caran walks us through ZoomText 9.1.

Karo Caran and Victor Tsaran: “Introduction to Screen Magnifiers”

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Podcast #38: Screen Resolution

Dennis and Ross discuss many considerations and techniques concerning screen and browser resolution when designing an accessible web site including:

  • Fixed vs. 1024 x 768 vs 800 x 600
  • Using Javascript with layout design
  • Recent screen resolution stats of users
  • Min/max-width and IE support
  • Considering content/audience

Download Web Axe Episode 38 (Screen Resolution)

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