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Screen Reader Survey and New WAVE

Can’t go too long without mentioning WebAIM. They’ve recently made two more important announcements.

Screen Reader Survey

Survey of Preferences of Screen Readers Users
Here are a couple quotes from the article which sum up all the excellent data from the survey:

Perhaps the most significant conclusion we can make from these survey results is that there is no typical screen reader user.

In general, these results suggest that following accessibility guidelines and standards, using technologies that support high levels of accessibility, and providing users with options is of the highest importance.

New WAVE (not the music!)

WAVE (web accessibility evaluation tool) is updated. Below is a brief summary of changes. For more, visit New WAVE Version Released.

  • Simplified and streamlined user interface.
  • Significantly re-engineered back-end framework.
  • Support for internationalization. Initial translations will be provided in coming months.
  • Several new WAVE rule

PS: A WAVE Firefox toolbar is also available.

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