Reponse to Journey to Universal Accessibility–Part 1

I got an error when trying to comment, so here’s my response to the recent article Journey to Universal Accessibility–Part 1 by @Pathbrite. In general, the article is pretty good, but several of the techniques given are outdated.

  • For #3, I say don’t use tabindex; it’s no longer considered good practice as content can be same in code order as visual order. The CSS part is a must (adding focus in addition to hover state). 
  • For #4, it’s important to clarify that page titles (and H1) should be unique for each page.
  • For #5, it’s even better to use the scope attribute on TH elements. Also, the summary attribute is good but hardly ever used correctly; it’s also being made obsolete in HTML5.
  • For #7, I like title attributes, but unfortunately titles aren’t very accessible to all; browsers don’t support the rendering with keyboard use, most screen readers have it off by default,  nor does it help on mobile devices.
  • Lastly, I suggest increasing the text size on your site for better readability/accessibility.

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