Podcast #80: Web Accessibility Successes

Dennis and Ross review a few excellent web sites. Each provides great accessibility as well as being standards-compliant.

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Main Segment

  • In 2001, a new easy-access version of Tesco.com was launched, making the online shopping service available to a higher number of customers. In 2002-3, the web-based business made a profit of £12.2 million, more than 30 times that made in the previous year.
  • Reference: 3 case studies on Universal Design.
Sydney For All
LF Legal


  1. Lainey Feingold

    Thanks for featuring the accessibility of my site, LFLegal, designed by Mike Cherim. You might also be interested in the content – Working with the blind community in the U.S. I’ve negotiated web accessibility agreements with large national entities include Major League Baseball, Bank of America, the 3 credit reporting agencies and CVS. Check out the Categories link to see all content: http://lflegal.com/categories. Thanks again, Lainey Feingold

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