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Podcast #49: AJAX and Accessibility

Guest Mark McKay and Dennis talk about AJAX and accessibility. Topics include:

  • An example of accessible AJAX from Mark’s site
  • Methods for coding accessible AJAX
  • Recommended books and web sites
  • Many other related issues!

Download Web Axe Episode 49 (AJAX and Accessibility)


2 replies on “Podcast #49: AJAX and Accessibility”

Gents – just listened to the podcast… great stuff! A few comments, if I may:

1. regarding the workshop – it was delayed for a number of reasons, one of which was a trip overseas for a client, and another of which was low numbers of sign ups. Sadly, there weren’t that many people interested.

2. regarding the CapCHI workshop: interesting to hear the comment that someone came away feeling there wasn’t enough technical how-to. The number one comment about my particular session was that it was too technical and too much code – most people were expecting things more on the interaction side, which is what I focused on. I was very sad to hear that your colleague took away that it was time to “give up and not bother trying.” That is anything but the case, and if that is the impression I left, I’ll make sure to never do that presentation again.

I think I’ll have to post something significant about this on my blog – especially if the wrong message managed to get out.

Keep up the great work,
Derek Featherstone

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