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BayJax Presentation “Making JavaScript Accessible”

Web Axe host Dennis Lembree presented “Making JavaScript Accessible” at the Bay Area Ajax and JavaScript Meetup (BayJax) June 15, 2010 at the Yahoo! campus in Sunnyvale, California.

Dennis was honored to be invited as a replacement for Dirk Ginader, who sadly couldn’t make it due to a family emergency.

Podcast #63: Reviewing Accessible Ajax Recommendations

In Webcredible’s article AJAX accessibility for websites, a list of recommendations is presented for creating accessible Ajax web pages. In this podcast, Dennis and Ross discuss the accessibility issues and benefits of Ajax, and the recommendations from Webcredible which are:

  • Inform users early in the page that dynamic updates will occur
  • Highlight the areas that have been updated
  • Don’t change the focus
  • Offer the option to disable automatic updates
  • Ensure the site works if JavaScript isn’t enabled

Download Web Axe Episode 63 (Reviewing Accessible Ajax Recommendations)

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Podcast #57: AJAX and Accessibility (Part 2)

Previously, Dennis and Guest Mark McKay began the discussion on nearly taboo subject of AJAX and web accessibility in Podcast #49: AJAX and Accessibility. Now in Part 2, Dennis and Ross discuss the problems and solutions in greater detail.

Download Web Axe Episode 57 (AJAX and Accessibility, Part 2)

The Problems & Solutions

  • Notifying screen readers updated content
  • For JavaScript disabled browsers, use Hijax and progressive enhancement
  • The dreaded alternative page
  • The future?

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Podcast #49: AJAX and Accessibility

Guest Mark McKay and Dennis talk about AJAX and accessibility. Topics include:

  • An example of accessible AJAX from Mark’s site
  • Methods for coding accessible AJAX
  • Recommended books and web sites
  • Many other related issues!

Download Web Axe Episode 49 (AJAX and Accessibility)