Podcast #37: Code Considerations for Web Accessibility

Dennis and Ross discuss various techniques on coding for web accessibility (in follow up to Podcast #34: Design Considerations for Web Accessibility). Topics include:

Download Web Axe Episode 37 (Code Considerations for Accessibility)




  1. Dennis Lembree

    Thank you for the clarification. There’s nothing “wrong” with valid HTML, but if a site is completely redone, it might as well be XHTML for many reasons including the fact that it’s inherently more accessible. To learn more, listen to more Web Axe podcasts, search the web, or go to the CheckEngine USA Expertise page.

  2. Anonymous

    i don’t know if its just me but your podcast seems like it got encoded wrong, you sound like chipmunks…

    great show though

  3. Dennis Lembree

    Thanks for the heads-up. The file actually downloads fine from the server, but the on-page Odeo player (now removed) apparently has an issue with this particular file. I contacted Odeo about it, but never heard a reply.

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