Announcing the New Web Axe Website!

Welcome to the new Web Axe website,! The RSS feed has also changed. It is now:

After over 7 years on Blogger, the website has moved to WordPress. It uses a fairly customized version of the Blaskan theme. Two important plug-ins used are WP Accessibility and WP-Accessible Twitter feed.

Reasons for the change include a fresh responsive design; a shorter and more accurate domain name; and, of course, to get off Blogger (which itself has many reasons, too many to list!)

What do you think of the new site?


  1. Joseph Karr O'Connor

    Wow! Bang up job with Blaskan by Per Sandstrom @persand. This is a great new look for the site. I’m also using WP Accessibility by Joe Dolson @joedolson and WP-accessible-twitter feed by Rian Rietveld. Things are looking up for WordPress accessibility.

  2. S. Emerson

    Great looking new blog Dennis.

    I am going to try the WP-accessible-twitter feed on my blogs. Turned out nice here.

    I follow Joe Dolson on Twitter and via RSS feed so I already knew about his plugin.

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