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Podcast #39: Business Reasons for Web Accessibility

Dennis and Ross discuss the various business reasons for web accessible including increased users, easier maintenance, avoiding lawsuits, and decreasing bandwidth. Some good news items also.

Download Web Axe Episode 39 (Business Reasons for Web Accessibility)

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Web Accessibility Presentation

Dennis Lembree, main host of Web Axe (and owner of web development company CheckEngine USA) gave a presentation on web accessibility at the January meetup for Refresh Detroit. Topics included the definition of the term, general issues, guidelines and law, and advocates. You can get the web accessibility presentation on the CheckEngine USA web site, which is available in HTML and PDF formats.

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Firefox 2 Breaks Numeric Access Keys

The Firefox 2 browser breaks numeric access keys. Yes, it’s true. Firefox 2 now requires the Shift key to the Alt + Access Key function, but it doesn’t work with numbers. How silly. A large portion of sites (including mine) that implement access keys use numbers because they are least likely to interfere with various user agents.

But now, there’s a solution! Firefox! It’s available through Firefox’s auto-update. Shift + Alt + Access Key now works fine.

In IE, the access key usage hasn’t changed; it’s Alt + Access Key, then Enter.

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Podcast #36: Complex Data Tables

In addition to a nice caption tag and summary attribute, you may know that a data table requires table header cells (TH) for the header rows and/or columns, and a scope attribute (see Web Axe episode 3, Data Tables). But what is there is more than one row of headers? This is called a complex table, and a different type of coding should be used.

Download Web Axe Episode 36 (Complex Data Tables)

A complex table:

  • can have any number of rows as a set of headers and/or the first column as a set of headers
  • can contain data rows in between the header rows
  • uses the id and headers attributes


Sample code (modified from WebAIM):

Shelly's Daughters
Name Age Birthday
by birth Jackie 5 April 5
Beth 8 January 14
by marriage Jenny 12 Feb 12

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Podcast #33: Interview with Patrick Lauke

Dennis and Ross interview Patrick Lauke. Patrick is the webmaster at University of Salford and a vital team member of He is author of a chapter in the book Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance.

Download Episode 33 (Interview with Patrick Lauke)

Transcript of Web Axe 33, with notes and links (courtesy of Patrick Lauke)

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