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Other Accessibility Podcasts (and UX)

Information & Design is a usability and user experience company based in Melbourne, Australia. Its web site offers a fine list of User Experience Podcasts, which includes a few on accessibility, including the following:

  • Web content accessibility guidelines V2.0 – an interview with Shawn Henry
  • Accessibility: an interview with Dr. Sofia Celic
  • Web accessibility guidelines: an interview with Gian Sampson-Wild

There are also interviews with Steve Krug, Jakob Nielsen, and Luke Wroblewski.

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Podcast #71: Gez Lemon Interview & ARIA

Download Web Axe Episode 71 (Gez Lemon Interview & ARIA)

[transcript of podcast 71]

New Song!

This episode premieres the new Web Axe theme song, check it out! Created by Jeff Ensign.

Gez Lemon, ARIA expert

Gez Lemon is a world leader in the web accessibility profession and its community. He as an Accessibility Consultant for The Paciello Group, a company devoted to accessibility in technology. He maintains a popular blog Juicy Studio in which he’s written many excellent articles and innovative scripts. Gez is a member of the Web Standards Project (WaSP) Accessibility Task Force (ATF). He’s become an expert in WAI ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications). You may also follow Gez on Twitter (or Accessible Twitter) @GezLemon.

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IBM interviews Judy Brewer on WCAG 2.0

IBM interviews Judy Brewer in WCAG 2.0 and the future of Web accessibility: Q and A (Part 1).

In the article, Judy explains:

  • The primary differences between WCAG 1.0 and WCAG 2.0.
  • some of the challenges your Working Group faced in developing the new standard.

The article is published under the IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center, an excellent source of information for computer-related accessibility in general.

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Keyboard Access for Google Maps

Google Maps is awesome, but it is not keyboard accessible. Patrick H. Lauke provides a solution by retrofitting keyboard access into google maps. Brilliant article. (Obviously JavaScript is still required.)

Also, Google Maps provides a text-only option, which is nice for those using assistive devices, mobile devices, low or costly bandwidth, etc.

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Accessible Web Design CEO Joseph Dolson

Accessible Web Design CEO Joseph Dolson