Accessibility Toronto Conference a big success!

The inaugural Accessibility Toronto Conference was a big success! The event was held September 28-29, 2017 in the TELUS building in downtown Toronto. (Toronto has been a leader in conducting accessibility “camps” but this was the first “conference”.) Major thanks to the event organizers and sponsors.


Presentation Resources

Here are resources for many of the presentations. Feel free to add any to the comments.


  • The 7th #a11yTOCamp is scheduled for November 18 at @OCAD. Follow @a11yTO for more info.
  • Great moment: Makoto strips off his flannel shirt and proudly displays a Toronto Blue Jays baseball jersey which was hidden underneath!
  • Personally, it was great meeting some folks in person for the first time whom I’ve know online for years, especially @vavroom. Also met some great new folks!
  • I also really enjoyed visiting Toronto—a very clean, fun, friendly, and diverse city!


Below are some selected tweets from the conference. The event’s account is @a11yTO and the hash tag is #a11yTOConf.


  1. Cara

    Grateful to have been able to participate in this terrific conference experience! Loved the live ASL and CART as well. 🙂 One more slide deck to add to the list: our talk “Designing & Developing for Apple TV” can be found here:

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