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About Impairments and Assistive Technology

Dennis explains some types of disabilites and different kinds of tools used to help access the web.

Download Web Axe Episode 25 (About Impairments and Assistive Technology)

[Transcript for Episode 25]

Disability Types:

Alternative Devices:

3 replies on “About Impairments and Assistive Technology”

You’ve forgot to mention the color blindness at the visual disabilities (which would make instrctuctions like “click on the red link” very hard to follow).

I liked the show, but it seems that it’s going downwards and it starts to be repetitive. Hope that you can spice things up because the first episodes were really good.

Thank you for the feedback cd-man. Yes, color-blindness is an excellent example of a visual disability to be aware of when developing web sites. I do have some exciting things planned for future shows…

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