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About Captioning

Topics include why captioning, methods of captioning, and challenges such as transcription.

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Stumbled onto your blog/cast while googling “podcast accessibility.” Given that podcasting is skyrocketing in popularity, and that part of its appeal is its immediacy, any thoughts on how to approach making the things accessible? The best I’ve been able to come up with is providing a link to an external transcript, but I’m not sure how that would work for someone subscribing via an rss aggregator.

This is made trickier by the fact that so many people “read” podcasts via iPods and other tiny devices; even if captions were attached, they’d be too small to read.

Until technology advances, electronic text is the best method I am aware of. That way any device that can read text files aloud would do the job for those who are blind. Obviously today’s iPod won’t work with that medium, but a PDA could.

An issue I’ve been having is transcription. This takes resources which many organizations do not have (including this podcast).

Been mute on my Podcast, but still listening to yours. 🙂

Flash Captioning, couple of ways:
1.) XML loads in with the Video, Flash video can use Cue Points to display the text loaded from XML.
2.) FLV files can be injected with META information called “xtra” meta, this can have text for the video, not sure how much text.

First idea is best.

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