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Podcast #70: Lots of News & Events

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Podcast #68: Accessible Twitter and News

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Podcast #66: Target, YouTube, Fangs, and more

Jammed-packed episode on several web accessibility topics with special co-host Jared Smith of WebAIM.

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NFB vs. Target Lawsuit

Other Topics

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Why Captioning Sucks

As you may know, captioning is required for accessible audio/video presentations. The Open & Closed Project (from Joe Clark) explains the downfalls of captioning on the new web site Captioning Sucks! Reasons cited are as follows (and you’ll have to go to the site to fully understand!):

  • Not enough of it
  • They don’t listen
  • It’s hard to read
  • The wrong kind
  • The fox is watching the hen house
  • There are no standards
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CNET TV Now Captioning

CNET TV is now captioning its Flash video using the DFXP caption support in Flash CS3. It’s quite a slick implementation (select the CC icon). View Tech Predictions for 2008 for an example. This technique is mentioned in Web Axe’s Podcast #53: Interview with Andrew Kirkpatrick, Adobe’s leading accessibility guru.