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Interview with Judy Brewer on WCAG 2.0

What’s the heck’s going on with WCAG 2.0? Last I heard turned out to be an April Fool’s joke!

Thankfully, Jared Smith of The Web Standards Project (and WebAIM) has interviewed Judy Brewer on the subject. Judy is the Director of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). WCAG 2.0 is apparently in the second stage of four. Although moving very slowly, it seems many of the large concerns of the development community are being address (such as the complex language of the first draft).

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Seeking Accessible AJAX Expert

Web Axe is seeking an expert in accessible AJAX development for an interview. Please contact Dennis at ‘web axe at gmail dot com’ if you or someone you know fits the bill.

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Podcast #44: Interview with Mike Cherim

Dennis and Ross speak with Mike Cherim, the author of the highly respectable blog Green Beast, and the founder of Conversation also includes Mike’s background, his interest in PHP and WordPress, and an audio conference on the NFB vs. Target lawsuit in which he was a guest speaker.

Download Web Axe Episode 44 (Interview with Mike Cherim)

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Interview on Flash and Accessibility

18 Questions for Niqui Merret and Aral Balkan on Flash and Accessibility is a great post from Wait till I come, the blog of web developer and Javascript expert Christian Heilmann. Chris interviews Flash experts Niqui Merret and Aral Balkan on Flash Accessibility. Questions include:

  • Can you elaborate what accessibility means in terms of Flash?
  • Is ActionScript a necessity to achieve accessibility?
  • Can Flash interact with screenreaders? If so, how?
  • Can pure Flash applications ever be as accessible as HTML solutions?
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Podcast #33: Interview with Patrick Lauke

Dennis and Ross interview Patrick Lauke. Patrick is the webmaster at University of Salford and a vital team member of He is author of a chapter in the book Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance.

Download Episode 33 (Interview with Patrick Lauke)

Transcript of Web Axe 33, with notes and links (courtesy of Patrick Lauke)

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