AccessibleTech Website Analysis; No Joke

Saw a new Google ad on Web Axe this past Friday, April 1, that I couldn’t help but click. After viewing the ad’s website briefly, I had slim hopes that this was yet another techie April Fool’s joke. Unfortunately, it was not. The website for AccessbileTech has many accessibility and usability issues when claiming to be accessibility experts/consultants. Let’s examine:

  • Skip nav link is visually unreadable (due to lack of contrast from background image).
  • Text links unclear; too many link styles; blue bullets appear to be links but not.
  • Headings not marked up as headings, such as Products & Services.
  • Mismatch in alternative text in News & Events heading image; alt says “events”.
  • The ordered list on the home page and on the Accessibility Goal page are not marked up as an ordered list; uses spans and break tags, yuck!
  • Hover states on links don’t have focus states.
  • Home tab is highlighted on all pages. Confusing, especially for those with cognitive disabilities.
  • Table layout, 5 levels of nesting. Nuff said.
  • No language declared (in HTML element).
  • CSS used for emphasis rather than markup (Company page) “.style1 {font-weight: bold}”
  • Small decorative image (203 by 141 pixels) on About Us page is almost 40K in file size! Needs web optimization to make smaller.
  • On home page News & Events section, audio and arrow icons are confusing, they appear to have functionality, but there’s no behavior attached to them.
  • Simple layout is fixed width; making flexible width would accommodate different screen resolutions.

Not funny. Agree?


The owner of this website has contacted me. Most of the issues listed have been corrected.


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