Fixing Alt – How one decides to build a web browser

This is the next blog in a series titled “Fixing Alt” where I supply alternative text to graphics on the web that badly need it.

This time it’s How one decides to build a web browser, an hilarious comic which makes fun of Google and takes a (deserved?) low blow at Internet Explorer 6. So here is the text version (a definition list seemed to work semantically):

How one decides to build a web browser

Simple illustration with three panels, one for each browser.

Mozilla Firefox
Two people at a computer. One with a pensive look on his face, and the other says “Let’s create a better Internet experience that everyone can use.”
Google Chrome
Three people at a computer. One says “How else can Google control the Internet?” Another says “Let’s make a web browser!”
Microsoft IE6
A man squatting over a laptop computer with his pants half down and saying “I’m ganna shit on the keyboard and see what happens.”

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