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Web Axe in BBC Podcast

The author and main host of Web Axe, Dennis Lembree, is interviewed in a podcast on the BBC! It’s in the show entitled Haiti, BIL and accessibility on the BBC Pods & Blogs section. The BBC podcast can be found here, but is only available for seven days as it is then replaced by the following week’s program. (The interview starts at about 14 minutes 30 seconds into the podcast.)

The show notes state:

New and social media should not be left out of the equation of course. Dennis Lembree makes the Web Axe podcast about accessibility and has also created a Twitter reader that he says is 100% accessible.

Much of the phone interviewed was edited down, but it’s still another win for awareness of web accessibility. In addition to Web Axe, Dennis mentions and the Detroit Podcasters Network.


Just before Dennis, accessibility expert and evangelist for Yahoo, Artur Ortega is interviewed.

You can download the BBC podcast here! (It’s no longer available on the BBC page.)

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