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Podcast #62: Web Accessibility News

Dennis and Ross discuss a variety of recent web accessibility news and events.

Download Web Axe Episode 62 (Web Accessibility News)

HTML 5 and Accessibility post — comment from Laura Carlson of Web Standards Group with great info and links.

WAVE toolbar and blog available

Reference Card for Accessible PDF Creation from Word from the Adobe Accessibility blog by Andrew Kirkpatrick (Download Reference Card)

For Review: UAAG 2.0 First Public Working Draft

Joe Clark has released the (final?) update to the WCAG Samurai’s errata. Also see The WCAG Samurai Errata are now available.

Moving WCAG 2.0 to the next stage (W3C March 2008 Update)

Radio New Zealand Interview of Shawn Henry, February 2008

Are Lists Becoming the New Tables?

IE8 announces change in “version targeting”:

CSS Globe, 11 Good Accessibility Tips

SXSW panels of note:

The Digital Bus – a blog about digital marketing

2 replies on “Podcast #62: Web Accessibility News”

OK, corrections:

WCAG Samurai has nothing to do with WCAG 2 and wasn’t a stopgap measure until WCAG 2 rides in on a white stallion. There was exactly one “draft” of the Samurai errata, not several. The current errata are as close to “100% final” as they’re going to get. It covers PDF but isn’t published in PDF. And it wasn’t my work alone but that of a group of developers.

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