One Year Anniversary

So it’s been over 1 year since my first Web Axe podcast (Sept 18, 2005). My long-time friend Mike (see Most People Are DJs) got me into podcasting. He and I started the e-zine O.D. Mag a decade ago. Then last year, Mike got me into the Detroit Podcasters Network, a great group of computer nerds who do great podcasts, and meet every month and drink beer.

So I said to myself, what do I enjoy, that I know a lot about, that would be unique. Web accessibility of course! I have been programming web sites for accessibility (and standards and usability) for over five years now, and for some reason just find it very fun and interesting.

I’m making more and more connections, and learning more and more about the whole web development industry. It’s remarkable how much more there is to learn every year. Thanks to Ross Johnson of, who’s joined in the Web Axe podcast venture. It’s a lot of work, and a lot of fun, and I’m expecting bigger and better podcasts in the future!


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