Five Most Common Accessibility Errors

In the blog post Web Accessibility – The Power of Five, E-Access Bulletin Live reports on a web accessibility study completed by the Society of IT Management (Socitm). The study cites the five most common web accessibility errors, which reportedly make up 76% of all website accessibility failures.

  1. no alternative text for images
  2. inappropriate use of JavaScript
  3. errors in simple data tables
  4. errors in complex data tables
  5. use of features with a lack of accessible alternatives

2 replies on “Five Most Common Accessibility Errors”

When is it appropriate to use javascript?

Despite the obvious utility of many javascript functions for most users, I’ve given up using them as I cannot get anything to ever validate.

This isn’t ideal, as it creates antagonism on the client’s part towards 508 requirements.

Something I am currently struggling with I guess.

JavaScript can be used anywhere, anytime. The important thing is that it’s used unobtrusively and for enhancing the user experience. It should never be used for required functionality. I’d recommend researching ‘unobtrusive JavaScript’ and ‘progressive enhancement’. Jeremy Keith and Chris Heilmann are great resources.

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