Easy Chirp

Accessible Twitter blue bird icon In cased you missed the news a few weeks ago, the web-accessible Twitter application “Accessible Twitter” changed its name to “Easy Chirp“. Here’s the original Web Overhauls press release. Nice to see the story made it to other PR and news sites including,, and Accessible Insights.

Reasons for the change are explained in the press release.

The name change is due to several reasons, the foremost is that the Twitter rules of use for third-party applications does not allow the word “Twitter” in the name of the application. Also, the word “easy” is simpler to understand than “accessible”, especially to those not in the accessibility or disability communities. And, the new name is considerably shorter, especially important with the 140-character limit in Twitter statuses, better known as tweets.

The former Twitter name/handle caused a delay in the update of two application settings that could only be resolved by changing the name.

Earlier this year, Easy Chirp/Accessible Twitter received the American Foundation for the Blind 2011 Access Award.

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