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Podcast #79: CSUN 2010 Preview

Dennis and guest Jennison Asuncion discuss the upcoming CSUN conference, formally titled The 25th Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference. Discussion includes helpful hints about the conference, session previews, and special events. The event is March 22-27 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown San Diego, California.

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Twitter Roundup – January

Wow, this first month of 2010 flew by! So much going on in the Twittersphere, as usual. Here’s a quick summary of some great articles mentioned in the Twitter accessibility community. Please comment with anything outstanding that I’ve missed!

Also, on a sad note, we recently mourned the loss of Jack Pickard; a huge loss in the web accessibility community. Jack was a great web accessibility expert and advocate.

2009 in Review

Wow, what a year! Too many topics to mention, but highlights include the growing usage of ARIA, Google’s good and bad, another screen reader survey by WebAIM, and the launch of Accessible Twitter! Below is a brief summary of this year’s happenings on Web Axe and elsewhere; please comment on anything I’ve missed, which I’m sure is a lot. Cheers to a great 2010!

Also, I want to say how proud I am to be a part of the wonderful web accessibility community which has grown larger and more intimate through conferences and “Web 2.0” tools, especially Twitter. -Dennis

Web Axe Podcast Highlights

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Great Tips

Awareness & Victor

Victor Tsaran of Yahoo is now a “web celeb” after numerous articles appeared about him and Yahoo’s accessibility lab. Great web accessibility awareness! Here are a few of the articles:

Roundup 2: Accessibility Links on Twitter

There’s so many great web accessibility links in the Twittersphere that I felt compelled to do another roundup of resources.

Podcast #75: Jeremy Keith Interview, Google Wave

Ross interviews web guru Jeremy Keith; Dennis and Ross discuss news, articles, and Google Wave.

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News and Links

Accessibility Review of Google Wave

Google Wave Preview Accessibility Review by Jared Smith. Jared tactfully explains how web accessibility of Google Wave fails miserably. For example:

  • Alternative text is not provided for any images.
  • Background images are used to convey content.
  • Roles, states, and other accessibility properties are not defined.
  • There is no document or heading structure or semantics.
  • Form elements do not have labels or titles.
  • Keyboard focus indication is hidden, making keyboard navigation nearly impossible.
  • Keyboard focus is often trapped.
  • The application becomes unusable and unreadable when text size is increased only slightly.

Jeremy Keith Interview

Co-host Ross Johnson speaks with Jeremy Keith,, a web standards guru, author, and speaker. Here are some great Jeremy Keith links:

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The podcast was originally cut off by a couple minutes at the end. It is now fixed. Full running time is about 1 hour and 12 minutes.