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Deafness and the User Experience

In the article Deafness and the User Experience by Lisa Herrod, issues with Deaf web users are explored. And there are some excellent points for writing for web accessibility:

  • Use headings and subheadings.
  • Write in a journalistic style: make your point and then explain it.
  • Make one point per paragraph.
  • Use short line lengths: seven to ten words per line.
  • Use plain language whenever possible.
  • Use bulleted lists.
  • Write with an active voice.
  • Avoid unnecessary jargon and slang, which can increase the user’s cognitive load.
  • Include a glossary for specialized vocabulary, e.g., medical or legal terminology, and provide definitions in simpler language.
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Petition Asks Yahoo to Fix Their CAPTCHA

The Blind Access Journal has a good blog post Petition Asks Yahoo to Tear Down “No Blind People Allowed” Sign.

Read that, or just go straight to the Yahoo’s Accessibility Improvement petition and sign it to support web accessibility! I’m #710.

You can also learn more about accessible CAPTCHA on the Web Axe podcast from a few months back.