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AccessU West Keynote by Web Axe Host

Web Axe host and founder Dennis Lembree is giving one of three keynote speeches at the AccessU West conference (previously CalWAC) in San Jose, California, January 10-12, 2011. The accessibility event is three full days and is held at San Jose State University. Dennis is also the author of Accessible Twitter.

A superb lineup of experts are providing sessions including Derek Featherstone, Jim Thatcher, Lainey Feingold, and Deque Systems. Topics include HTML5/CSS3/ARIA, testing accessibility, Drupal, and legal issues (U.S.). If you’re more interested in a particular topic, tracks are offered in Usability, Policy/Admin, and Design Development.

Fees are relatively low, about $235 to $820 depending on the package you select. Register here and say hi to Dennis at the conference. We hope to see you there!

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Podcast #84: Web Axe 5-Year Anniversary

In celebration of its 5th anniversary, Dennis and Ross discuss the history of Web Axe and several memorable moments. Then, nine special guests provide excellent insight and information relating to web accessibility including Paul Boag and Bruce Lawson. It’s great stuff, don’t miss it!

Download Web Axe Episode 84 (Web Axe 5-Year Anniversary)

[Transcript of podcast 84]

Some History

Memorable Moments

Special Episode Podcast Contributors

Addendum: Podcast Corrections

  • Steve Grobschmidt’s last name was announced incorrectly (it’s not “Aquinas”, that’s part of his Twitter handle).
  • We state that there are 8 guest speakers; there’s actually 9!
  • We mentioned that Boagworld is no longer podcasting, but failed to mention that they plan on returning in January 2011. (Paul mentions this in his commentary.)
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Podcast #81: HTML5 and John Foliot

HTML5 is hot. It’s new, powerful, and exciting. But what is it exactly, and how will it make the web more accessible? Dennis discusses these issues and more with web accessibility veteran John Foliot. Topics include background on HTML5, browser support, new form functionality, how Canvas can be accessible, and much more!

Mr. Foliot runs the Stanford Online Accessibility Program. He is an active member of the W3C and is an integral part of the web accessibility community. He writes a blog entitled Unrepentant and you can find John on Twitter.

Download Web Axe Episode 81 (HTML5 and John Foliot)

[transcript of podcast 81]

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Interview with Jennison by Steve

If you missed it from Twitter a month-and-a-half ago, Steve Grobschmidt (@AquinasWI) published an interview with accessibility expert Jennison Asuncion (@Jennison) in a 3-part series. It’s published on Steve’s blog “the art of web accessibility”. I recommend reading the interview as well as checking out Steve’s blog. Both Steve and Jennison are excellent contributors to the web accessibility community.

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Accessibility Lists on Twitter

Here’s a list of Twitter Lists targeting web accessibility.