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Firefox 2 Breaks Numeric Access Keys

The Firefox 2 browser breaks numeric access keys. Yes, it’s true. Firefox 2 now requires the Shift key to the Alt + Access Key function, but it doesn’t work with numbers. How silly. A large portion of sites (including mine) that implement access keys use numbers because they are least likely to interfere with various user agents.

But now, there’s a solution! Firefox! It’s available through Firefox’s auto-update. Shift + Alt + Access Key now works fine.

In IE, the access key usage hasn’t changed; it’s Alt + Access Key, then Enter.


Firefox is Accessible

If you weren’t aware, the Mozilla Firefox browser is fully accessible (since version 1.5 released November 2005). Learn more on the differences between Firefox and Internet Explorer accessibility. Also, IBM and Mozilla are collaborating with Sun Microsystems to make future versions of Firefox accessible on Linux.