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Accessible HTML5 Media Players and More

Here’s a list a accessible HTML5 Media Players—I have not tested them all—and some articles on how to build one yourself. Know any others? Please leave info in a comment.

Existing Players

Do It Yourself


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What about players with strong, secure foundations – some form of referrer security and strong token security?

I have content I need to lock down but contractually I can’t use Flash or Silverlight.

Thoughts, suggestions?

As a deaf person and a UX designer, I would say that it’s more important to have GOOD quality transcripts and captions for videos and podcasts – regardless of what players are used (as long as they have captioning support). I even feel frustrated when asking YouTube video owners to clean up auto captions and hearing them tell me that it’s not their problem without realizing that YouTube captions are not a “final” product and is just a tool to make it easier for them to create captions. Bad captions are not “better” than no captions.

Note that our old player at OSU that you mention is not HTML5 capable. We had a project underway to revise the player but that was scuttled. The one on our site depends on Flash.

So far after testing several HTML5 based video players (PayPal, JWPlayer, MFPvideoPlayer and E-Standards), I found only E-Standards to answer all of my needs. It can be used as a video or audio only player, it supports WebVTT standard for captions (with WebVTT styles), fully keyboard accessible with or without the use of a screen reader, clear screen reader prompts for all of the controls, and a major factor that puts it a step above many, it supports local video files, and linking to YouTube videos.

Worth checking out (and no, I am not affiliated) –

Everyone is hello from Turkey.

We started to work to make an Internet Radio. I’ve studied too many audio players; but I did not get what I wanted.
I want to:
a play / pause button. (I want the first press to pause, the next press, like YouTube.)
The second one is a sound bar. Thus, the user can increase or decrease the volume.

Since the aria codes in HTML are with JS, I could not solve this play and pause myself. I’m a good html coder, but I’m terrible at JS.

Finally, I want to support mobile browsers like Safari.

I will be very happy if you answer any helpful software friends.


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