Accessible HTML5 Media Players and More

Here’s a list a accessible HTML5 Media Players—I have not tested them all—and some articles on how to build one yourself. Know any others? Please leave info in a comment.

Existing Players

Do It Yourself



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  4. George Kaplan

    What about players with strong, secure foundations – some form of referrer security and strong token security?

    I have content I need to lock down but contractually I can’t use Flash or Silverlight.

    Thoughts, suggestions?

  5. Bill

    Probably worth defining “Accessible” – maybe keyboard navigable, cc capable, transcript display, secondary audio channels for descriptive audio?

  6. Sveta

    As a deaf person and a UX designer, I would say that it’s more important to have GOOD quality transcripts and captions for videos and podcasts – regardless of what players are used (as long as they have captioning support). I even feel frustrated when asking YouTube video owners to clean up auto captions and hearing them tell me that it’s not their problem without realizing that YouTube captions are not a “final” product and is just a tool to make it easier for them to create captions. Bad captions are not “better” than no captions.

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  9. Ken

    Note that our old player at OSU that you mention is not HTML5 capable. We had a project underway to revise the player but that was scuttled. The one on our site depends on Flash.

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  12. Geri Druckman

    So far after testing several HTML5 based video players (PayPal, JWPlayer, MFPvideoPlayer and E-Standards), I found only E-Standards to answer all of my needs. It can be used as a video or audio only player, it supports WebVTT standard for captions (with WebVTT styles), fully keyboard accessible with or without the use of a screen reader, clear screen reader prompts for all of the controls, and a major factor that puts it a step above many, it supports local video files, and linking to YouTube videos.

    Worth checking out (and no, I am not affiliated) –

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  15. Emre De

    Everyone is hello from Turkey.

    We started to work to make an Internet Radio. I’ve studied too many audio players; but I did not get what I wanted.
    I want to:
    a play / pause button. (I want the first press to pause, the next press, like YouTube.)
    The second one is a sound bar. Thus, the user can increase or decrease the volume.

    Since the aria codes in HTML are with JS, I could not solve this play and pause myself. I’m a good html coder, but I’m terrible at JS.

    Finally, I want to support mobile browsers like Safari.

    I will be very happy if you answer any helpful software friends.


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