Podcast #36: Complex Data Tables

In addition to a nice caption tag and summary attribute, you may know that a data table requires table header cells (TH) for the header rows and/or columns, and a scope attribute (see Web Axe episode 3, Data Tables). But what is there is more than one row of headers? This is called a complex table, and a different type of coding should be used.

Download Web Axe Episode 36 (Complex Data Tables)

A complex table:

  • can have any number of rows as a set of headers and/or the first column as a set of headers
  • can contain data rows in between the header rows
  • uses the id and headers attributes


Sample code (modified from WebAIM):

Shelly's Daughters
Name Age Birthday
by birth Jackie 5 April 5
Beth 8 January 14
by marriage Jenny 12 Feb 12


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