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Comment on Effective Web Design to Enhance Accessibility

Several days ago, I submitted a comment to the article Effective Web Design to Enhance Accessibility, which was recently going around Twitter. The comment wasn’t published, so here it is:

Proper use of headings is another very important issue.
Comments on points above:

  1. Adequate font size by default is best; 16px ideal, 10 or 12 is unacceptable.
  2. Alternative text is a basic requirement that many folks still miss. Especially important on infographics (and comics!). If too long for alt attribute, just put text on page.
  3. Great point, but “link text” or “link content” may be better use of words. The “title” attribute (a.k.a. tooltip) should only be used for supplemental (and not duplicate) information.
  4. Symbols in addition to color is a good practice. In W3C words, “don’t rely on color alone to convey meaning”.
  5. Be sure to have a label for each form component (and associate correctly). Use Fieldset/Legend for long forms to break in sections.

One reply on “Comment on Effective Web Design to Enhance Accessibility”

Mine, in case it doesn’t get published either/removed.

“If you are going to write about building accessible websites then maybe you should practice what you preach on this very blog.

Font size is not resizable.

Form missing labels.

Links missing title attribute.

Colour chosen for your heading does not pass colour contrast testing.”

Obviously they hired a content writer that doesn’t know anything about accessibility. Just posted for the spammy links back to the web design firm.

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