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Link Roundup – April 2010

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Link Roundup including CSUN – March 2010

Another set of great links on web accessibility for March 2010. In addition, see below for post-CSUN links, roundups and presentations!

CSUN Summaries

CSUN Presentations


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Contribute to Twitter Presentation at CSUN10

Twitter And Assistive Tech

Dennis Lembree (@dennisl) and Joseph O’Connor (@csunwebmaster) are presenting “Accessibility of Twitter for Mobile, Desktop and Web” at the 25th Annual International Technology and Persons With Disabilities Conference in San Diego, California. The conference dates are from March 22 to 27. The presentation is scheduled at 8 a.m., Thursday, March 25.

You Can Help!

We are asking you to tweet about using Twitter with assistive tech on two topics:

  • How do you deal with the interfaces?
  • How has Twitter changed things for you?

Optional: audio record the written Tweets at or whatever you want to use. If you do record, please be sure to record what you have written in each Tweet you write. Write a Tweet, record that Tweet. You don’t have to record your Tweets to participate.

Accessible Twitter

This might be a good time to try Dennis Lembree’s Accessible Twitter site and to Tweet about the experience.

How We’ll Use Your Tweets

We will use the Tweets/audio in our #csun10 presentation. We’ll present the Tweets on screen and hear the words – something for everyone. We’ll be looking for patterns such as the use of desktop applications with ZoomText, or mobile text with Talks, or mobile app with VoiceOver. These patterns will be touch-points for our presentation.


The hashtag for these Tweets will be #csun10s with the “s” representing story.

When Do I Start?

The days/dates we’ll be collecting Tweets and audio are Friday, February 26 – Saturday, February 27 in the northern hemisphere; Saturday, February 27 – Sunday, February 28 in the southern hemisphere.

Be Creative!

Feel free to be creative, to have fun, to be serious, to be furious, to be whoever you are. You know you want to do it!

This article on Joseph O’Connor’s web site Black Telephone

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EASI Webinar: Twitter And Web Accessibility

On the first of February, Web Axe host Dennis Lembree gave a live webinar presentation “Twitter, Its Uses and Its Accessibility Issues” as part of the EASI Social Media Series. In addition to Twitter, the 4-part series covers Second Life, Facebook and YouTube. Here are the slides and an nice HTML version.

Here is the slide presentation embedded from Slideshare:

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2009 in Review

Wow, what a year! Too many topics to mention, but highlights include the growing usage of ARIA, Google’s good and bad, another screen reader survey by WebAIM, and the launch of Accessible Twitter! Below is a brief summary of this year’s happenings on Web Axe and elsewhere; please comment on anything I’ve missed, which I’m sure is a lot. Cheers to a great 2010!

Also, I want to say how proud I am to be a part of the wonderful web accessibility community which has grown larger and more intimate through conferences and “Web 2.0” tools, especially Twitter. -Dennis

Web Axe Podcast Highlights

Web Axe Blog Highlights

From WebAIM

More Google


Great Tips

Awareness & Victor

Victor Tsaran of Yahoo is now a “web celeb” after numerous articles appeared about him and Yahoo’s accessibility lab. Great web accessibility awareness! Here are a few of the articles: