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Accessible Web Video: JW Player Controls

Accessible Web Video: JW Player Controls

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CNET TV Now Captioning

CNET TV is now captioning its Flash video using the DFXP caption support in Flash CS3. It’s quite a slick implementation (select the CC icon). View Tech Predictions for 2008 for an example. This technique is mentioned in Web Axe’s Podcast #53: Interview with Andrew Kirkpatrick, Adobe’s leading accessibility guru.

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Podcast #53: Interview with Andrew Kirkpatrick

Dennis and Ross speak to the renowned Andrew Kirkpatrick, a leader in accessibility and product development for Adobe.

Download Web Axe Episode 53 (Interview with Andrew Kirkpatrick)

Andrew Kirkpatrick is An Event Apart speaker, technical editor for A List Apart, and he’s co-authored a few books. Topics in the conversation include:

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Interview on Flash and Accessibility

18 Questions for Niqui Merret and Aral Balkan on Flash and Accessibility is a great post from Wait till I come, the blog of web developer and Javascript expert Christian Heilmann. Chris interviews Flash experts Niqui Merret and Aral Balkan on Flash Accessibility. Questions include:

  • Can you elaborate what accessibility means in terms of Flash?
  • Is ActionScript a necessity to achieve accessibility?
  • Can Flash interact with screenreaders? If so, how?
  • Can pure Flash applications ever be as accessible as HTML solutions?