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Web Axe 2011 Year in Review

So another year has gone by, and another bigger and better for web accessibility! One good sign is that I’ve noticed lots of job openings related to web accessibility, you probably noticed multiple posts on that this year. And more lawsuits going on as well, which I believe is an evil necessity to wake up many companies on the topic.

The “Fixing Alt” series continued which provides alternative text for various web pages in the wild. Check out two for The Oatmeal: the Netflix Comic on the company’s pricing fiasco, and 6 Reasons Bacon Is Better Than True Love.

We had a couple guest blogs including Jennison’s IT Accessibility Goes To Camp. Mid-year, Web Axe joined Facebook, serving as another great avenue to share the good word. And, now you can order your own Web Axe T-shirt!

2011 was also a big year for Easy Chirp, created by Web Axe author Dennis Lembree. The accessible Twitter web app was renamed from “Accessible Twitter” and was a recipient of the AFB 2011 Access Award.

Dennis was busy in November and gave presentations for the @AccessibilityDC meetup, How To Build An Accessible Web Application, and for EASI, Twitter and Accessibility.

Other great blogs this year:

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About the 2010 Accessing Higher Ground Conference

So I’m starting to regret not attending the AHG conference this year (Accessing Higher Ground: Accessible Media, Web and Technology Conference). I attended (and presented) at the previous two events. This year looks just as good, if not better.

AHG 2010 will be November 15-19 at the Westin Hotel in Westminster, Colorado, located about 13 miles from downtown Denver. It’s a really nice venue with nice restaurants nearby.

Westin Hotel in Westminster, Colorado

Over 60 presentations and hands-on sessions and 35 hours of hands-on workshops are scheduled. You can read the session descriptions here. Maybe you’ll see me on the list next year!

The fees are affordable, and an early registration discount is available until October 1. Groups of 5 who register together are eligible for a 10% discount. You may register for AHG here.

I think something new this year are special session tracks from which to choose. The tracks are: