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Recap of Accessibility Camp LA

A few weeks ago, on October 20, Web Axe author Dennis Lembree attended the very first Accessibility Camp Los Angeles at CSU Northridge. The event is led by @jennison and @joedevon. After opening comments and introductions, Dennis presented Introduction to Web Accessibility (sorry, the Google docs nor the Slideshare version is very accessible). Dennis represented PayPal, his day job in San Jose, who sponsored lunch.

Many other well known accessibility professionals attended and shared their expertise. This is totally awesome since most came from out of state at their own expense. This includes:

  • Elle Waters who spoke on accessibility as innovation.
  • Karl Groves who spoke on testing tools.
  • John Foliot who spoke on HTML5.
  • Pratik Patel who spoke on document accessibility.
  • William Lawrence who spoke on Section 508.
  • Joseph O’Connor who spoke on WordPress accessibility.

Learn more about Accessibility Camp LA on Twitter:

Opening session

John Foliot speaking

Starbucks run!

More on the accessibility camps.


CSUN12 Quick Review

Another CSUN conference has come and gone and this year was better than ever. I met many great people for the first time including Joe Dolson, who’s been on the Web Axe podcast a couple times in the past. The conference included much discussion on Google and accessibility, the announcement of WAVE5 beta by WebAIM, and the Tweetup was a bash! Special thanks to Adobe, Deque, and Accessible Media for being such great hosts. On Saturday morning, I attended the SS12 finals in which @Jennison was one of three judges (I judged last year). Be sure to check out the Great Big List by @mactoph which includes many links to presentations, round-ups, podcasts, and more. Also, here’s my Flickr CSUN12 photo album. -Dennis

Joe, Jennison, Dennis, and John sitting at table for lunch.
Photo: Joe, Jennison, Dennis, and John at lunch. Credit: Angela Hooker.
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Podcast 94: Women of CSUN12

This podcast is a preview of the 27th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, commonly known as CSUN, February 27 thru March 3 in San Diego, California. If you’re not attending to the CSUN conference this year, this podcast is valuable in learning about current issues in web accessibility and “meeting” several great people in the field. If you are going, then you can also make a better decision in which sessions you want to attend.

First, Dennis and Jennison Asuncion (@Jennison) do an excellent overview of the conference (OK, mostly Jennison). Then several guests, all women, speak about their work, their sessions at CSUN, and some other fun thoughts. Four of the women live in the UK!

Download Web Axe Episode 94 (Women of CSUN12)

[Transcript of podcast 94]


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Post-CSUN Resources

My last podcast previewed CSUN (The 26th Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference), which happened last week. It was a great success. Fortunately a few folks have written great summaries of the event, listed below. Also, I’ve posted some CSUN11 photos on Flickr.

CSUN logo

Here are two excellent resources for session presentations and more:

Some notable blog posts:

Suggested presentations relating to web accessibility are:

Any more to add? Please comment!


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Podcast #89: CSUN 2011 Preview

Dennis and special guests Jennison Asuncion (@Jennison) and Jared Smith (@jared_w_smith) discuss the upcoming CSUN conference in San Diego, California, at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel, March 14-19, 2011. The official title and website is: 26th Annual International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference.

NOTE: Apologies for the poor quality. (But the content is outstanding!)

Download Web Axe Episode 89 (CSUN 2011 Preview)

Transcript of podcast 89

Project:Possibility is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating open source software that benefits the disabilities community, and educating students on accessibility and universal design concepts. This is accomplished with the SS12 Code for a Cause: an opportunity for students to make a profound difference by developing innovative, empowering projects for persons with disabilities, as well as the chance to work with industry professionals.

Jennison presenting:

  • Building IT Accessibility Awareness and Community Using the Barcamp/Unconference Format. Wednesday, 9:20.
  • Do We Need to Change the Web Accessibility Game Plan? Panel with John Foliot, Sandi Wassmer, and Jennison. Thursday, 3:10.

Jared presenting:

  • HTML5/ARIA pre-conference workshop w/ Steven Faulkner and Hans Hillen of TPG. All day Tuesday.
  • Screen Reader Web Accessibility Face-off. Wednesday, 3:10.
  • Do We Need to Change the Web Accessibility Game Plan? Panel with John Foliot, Sandi Wassmer, and Jennison. Thursday, 3:10.
  • WebAIM’s Screen Reader User Surveys: Data and Trends. Friday, 8am.
  • Preview of WAVE 5 on Friday, 10:40.

More info: