Awareness/Ignorance of Web Accessibility

The toughest problem facing web accessibility is awareness. I’m surprised frankly, that there haven’t been more official complaints or court cases against an inaccessible web site, and they are the vast majority on the web. Fortunately, Target is currently being sued by the NFB!

I’ve recently started a new company, CheckEngine USA (now Web Overhauls), that focuses on web accessibility and web standards, but who cares? I’m having problems getting clients because no one is even aware of what this is and why it’s important. I hope the U.S. gets more serious about theses issues and follow the lead of the U.K. and Australia. Not only for my sake, but everyone else’s.

Furthermore, it seems that most web design companies themselves are quite ignorant of the subject and use web accessibility. So not only must I educate potentials customers, but also web designers (in order to have any chance of winning consultation services).

Are you facing the same issue?


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