25 Ways To Make Your Website Accessible

After a long delay, a comprehensive how-to article on web accessibility by Web Axe creator Dennis Lembree is finally published: 25 Ways To Make Your Website Accessible. (The Shortened URL is Each method listed includes a succinct explanation and also an image to help convey the point. The points are:

  1. Consistent Layout and Structure
  2. Add Alternative Text to Images
  3. Use Page Headings
  4. Use Headings Properly
  5. Skip Links
  6. Link Content
  7. Link Awareness
  8. Be Careful With Title Attribute
  9. Keep the Underline
  10. Forms
  11. Make All Links Accessible to Keyboard
  12. Show Link Focus
  13. Add ARIA Landmark Roles
  14. Validate Mark-Up
  15. The Three Tiers, and Progressive Enhancement
  16. Use List Elements for Lists
  17. Use More Than Color to Convey Meaning
  18. [Sufficient] Color Contrast
  19. Mark Up Data Tables Correctly
  20. Make Changes to Content Clear
  21. Now, About That Flash…
  22. Provide Transcriptions
  23. Add Captions
  24. Appropriate Language
  25. Test Through Multiple Methods

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