Web Accessibility Articles not Accessible

Call me picky, but it sure bothers me when web page articles about web accessibility are not accessible themselves. Talk about bad credibility…

For example, the article Web Accessibility. . . Making your Pages Friendly to People with Disabilities is dreadful. Just by glancing at the main text, several issues are apparent:

  • Insufficient color contrast. That dark gray text on a black background just don’t work!
  • Text size is too small; text may be difficult to resize in some browsers. Absolute sizing (pixels) are used in the CSS instead of relative sizing (ems, percentage).
  • No sub headings in the content, and the content is not divided into “manageable groups”.
  • The links are not linked–just written out; and with obnoxious spaces also. For example: Academy of Web Specialists (http://www . onlinewebtraining.com / courses.html)

Actually, I think this article is just a bunch of advertising and SEO garbage. I left a comment saying so; let’s see if they approve it…


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