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Unobtrusive Javacript (and the DOM)

Ah, Javascript. The wonderful scripting language that creates lots of cool stuff on your web page. But how do you make it Accessible?

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This is an example of a javascript “listener” which opens a link in a new window (using a function) if the rel in the a tag is “external”.


function setOnClick() {
if(!document.getElementsByTagName) {
var anchors = document.getElementsByTagName("a");
for (var i=anchors.length; i !=0; i--) {
var a=anchors[i-1];
if (a.rel.indexOf("external") != -1) {
a.onclick = function(){newWin(this.href,'popup1',700,400);
return false;}

3 replies on “Unobtrusive Javacript (and the DOM)”

In this podcast you told us to use the lang attribute in the body tag. The lang attribute has been removed in the XHTML 1.1 Strict specification. I read that today before listening to your podcast. Just FYI.

Look at the changes in the Specification

I, initially think, that this concept of Unobtrusive Javascript is great idea, but I need to investigate it more to figure out how I can use it in web design.

Thanks for the great shows Den!

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