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Podcast #78: Web Accessibility News

Hosts Dennis and Ross discuss a variety of topics.

Download Web Axe Episode 78 (Web Accessibility News)

[transcript of podcast 78] (Much thanks to Joseph Montanez for helping with transcription.)




6 replies on “Podcast #78: Web Accessibility News”

Thanks for the WordPress goodies guys!

Ross’ plugins look really helpful. The Post and Page editor pages have become a real mess, the Editor Tabs plugin would be a great candidate for the core of WordPress.

I’m looking forward to checking out Dennis’ accessible theme. I’m nearly to the point where where I’d like to start releasing my own themes, hopefully i can learn a few things from your theme.

Hey Ross,

I discovered your site by Googling Accessibility Tips for WordPress.

That is a pretty good CMS plugin you created. I am about to start launching a couple custom templates for clients that are complete newbies to WordPress. I am going to use your CMS and also look around and see what else I can add to make it easier for my clients.

Thanks a lot, I appreciate your hard work!

Hey Ross,

I did have one concern with the plugin. However, maybe it is just me, I don’t know. But lets say I have blog that has a bunch of post in it already, and I hand the controls over to someone who really doesn’t know what they are doing.

Lets say I installed the plugin prior to all the post. From my end it looks like it doesn’t pick up all those post when you click “edit post”.

Maybe it is just me, but what are you ideas on that?

Hey Garen,

It should have all of your posts in there. It is just a link to the same place as the standard “edit posts” link on the sidebar. It may be paginated if you have a lot of posts.

Hope this helps!

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