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Podcast #50: Analysis of WCAG 2.0

The lastest version of the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is discussed by Dennis, Ross, Jared Smith and Joe Dolson.

Download Web Axe Episode 50 (Analysis of WCAG 2.0)



  • Refresh Detroit, June 20th – Catherine Hayes Inner Circle Media, Ruby on Rails
  • Refresh San Fran? Refresh San Jose? Who’ll start one?

Questions/Topics Include

  • Do you feel that (good) progress is being made after the concerns voiced about a year ago?
  • Do you feel that “Success Criteria” make more sense than the previous “Priority levels/Checkpoints”?
  • There is still a “loophole” for an alternative accessible page. Is this acceptable?
  • Valid code is still not a requirement (politically motivated?). Should it be?
  • Do you think that the WCAG 2 is too broad and vague?
  • Is the quick reference an acceptable method for developers to understand WCAG2 if the actual documents are to complex?

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