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Page Titles for Accessibility (and SEO, usability)

Why the Title tag is so important for Accessibility as well as SEO and usability.

  • screenreader/text browsers
  • visual anchor
  • bookmarking
  • printing
  • SEO
  • search results
  • tip: use character encoding for special chars
  • tip: use “>” or “:” to separate sections

Download Web Axe Episode 21 (Title Tag)


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4 replies on “Page Titles for Accessibility (and SEO, usability)”

Dude. Seriously. “Amperstand” is not a word. It’s AMPERSAND. I used to work with a guy who said “amperstand” and it drove me insane.

Other than that, good podcast!

I forget to mention a method of creating page titles in the podcast, which is making them “in reverse”. Instead of “Site Name > Section > Page Title”, make it “Page Title > Section > Site Name”. The SEO reason for this is that the most relevant words should be first. The usability reason is that the page content is most likely more about the Page Title, not the Site Name.

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