Is the Olympic Games website accessible?

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games’ official web site is now web accessible, or is it? In the article Those who can’t see can surf, it appears the answer is yes. In the article Beijing Olympics: Revisiting The Errors Of The Past (E-Access Blog), it appears the answer is no. But, as with any website, there’s room for improvement. Here are some of my findings after a little closer look.


  • Need to add skip-to links.
  • Remove bullet characters in two unordered lists.
  • “Schedules by Sport” should be marked up as a heading.
  • Unordered list for language selection has extra line items; a heading is needed; should be towards top of content.
  • “More” links should each be more descriptive.


  • Turn off JS and it looks great.
  • Overall, web standards are used fairly well.

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