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Link Roundup including CSUN – March 2010

Another set of great links on web accessibility for March 2010. In addition, see below for post-CSUN links, roundups and presentations!

CSUN Summaries

CSUN Presentations



LINKS: ALT, iPhone, Kindle, Jared, and ARIA

How to use the ALT and TITLE Attributes for Greater Accessibility and Less Karma Damage

Apple iPhone 3G accessibility

#Petition: Allow Everyone Access to E-books (Amazon #Kindle 2)

@jared_w_smith I was interviewed by @TAccessible about lots of #accessibility stuff. Read it at

RT @mixolydian Archive of webinar on using #ARIA with #JAWS available


Web Axe 2008 in Review

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties (my computer’s power supply failing), the podcast for this post will not be done. -Dennis

Current News

Main Segment

Podcast Highlights


Podcast #56: Web Axe 2-Year Anniversary!

So it’s been two years since I started Web Axe. After a year, Ross Johnson joined in as co-host for most shows, which I think helped keep the dialog going and definitely give some fresh input. We did some big interviews over the last year, and had a couple of great guests Joe Dolson and Mark McKay.

For a special feature, the following web experts were gracious enough to send me input on their thoughts about recent events and trends in the world of web accessibility:

  • Mark McKay
  • Joe Dolson
  • Roger Johansson
  • Patrick Lauke
  • Jared Smith
  • Ross Johnson

Download Web Axe Episode 56 (2-year anniversary)

Past Web Axe Interviews

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Accessibility Blog List

Web accessibility expert Jared Smith has posted an excellent list of blogs relating to web accessibility. Thankfully Web Axe made the list! He goes on to list other fantastic blogs and news aggregators. Apparently, Jared’s quite the “RSS Junkie”.